Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Dear tummy,

I know its that time of the month.. but why must you behave so nasty during this time?? i've been a good girl and cut down alot of icy drinks lately, i thought this will helps but apparently, it dint T___________T
i know there are ways of curbing your nasty behaviour like taking menstrual pills etc etc... but i try not to do that so often as i know its bad for you, and for me too.
so please my dear tummy, please be good...

*emo mode turned on, for the whole day* :(


  1. dear hayley's tummy.

    i understand how you feel. i wasn't behaving good too last time and mummy fed me with ponstant painkiller monthly for more than a decade. mummy didn't want to harm me and herself but she couldn't bear the pain. then lately she started taking evening primrose oil and last month i showed improvement. mummy said i'm a good. for the first time, she skipped the painkiller..

    with love,
    cryst's tummy

  2. Dear Cryst's tummy,
    thank u for the comment..
    but you know, my mum takes EPO too. but may be she doesnt take it too regularly, its like once every 2 days? hmm perhaps i should tell her to take EPO on a consistent basis, everyday. i know mummy wants me to become better.

    hayley's tummy

  3. Hey, you should try out EPO on a daily basis ler....I'm taking it, but not much of improvement cuz I have I tried another chinese medication...still looking on the progress....well... I can say, try to cut down spicy and sour food, cold drinks 1 week before and after your PMS... must control lo...else no use d

  4. ivy, yes lo.. i really should take the EPO DAILY. hmm, i DID cut down on icy drinks already since this few months.. but no significant improvement yet. perhaps i should really avoid icy drinks, totally =__=


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