Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Purple eyeshadow

I was too free yesterday so i had some make up fun time.

i was trying to mimic the look from this video.

I know, i dint look like her T__T i'm not that pro yet. i think purple and pink are very delicate colors. the eyes will look swollen if application is not done carefully. but once again, practice makes perfect!

p/s: video from skindeco


  1. wow~pretty gal leh... ;p
    I like purple eyeshadow too~

  2. o.O very educating. I remembered how a wrongly-applied purplish + pinkish eyeshadow turned out.
    Once I asked a friend, why her eyes was swollen when the fact was she was using this color combination *blush*.

  3. evelyn, me too! yeah!

    yvonne, yea. both isnt a very good combination, unless with some other colors i think..
    hmm... do i know 'this' friend of yours?? :)

  4. Yeap..not too much of pink cuz it makes ur eye look swollen...then purple too much oso make ur eyes looks smoky... hehe....
    The this combination cannot tahan too long ei lor...after u sweat ll changed colour d...
    U need to see ur eye shadow lor...I prefer those got blink blink ei shades...cuz if normal ei eyeshadow without shimmery ei ler ll looks different after u sweat...unless is those expensive ei branded eyeshadow lor...kekek...

  5. ivy, yeah.. those glittering highlighter/eye shadow can also make our eyes look bigger and more 'anime' look too!

    irene, thanks ;)

  6. You know, keke, ought to know.


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