Monday, July 27, 2009

RIP, Yasmin

A great lost to Malaysia T__T
I was shocked when i heard about her death this morning through First it was MJ, and now, Yasmin :(
I first knew about Yasmin Ahmad about 2 years ago. i know 2 years is just not enough to explore all of her masterpieces. honestly i dint watch her films like Sepet or Talentime but i really love the advertisements directed by her. they were really touching and meaningful. i remembered this the most:

and now she is no longer here, but her legacy will be long remembered.


  1. huh?!she dead? sad!
    I saw the video too~very famous advertisement~wish her rest in peace!

  2. evelyn, haiz. life's unpredictable.
    may she rest in peace T___T


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