Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lets talk about my favourite beauty store!
besides fashion boutiques, my most frequent visit during a shopping is SASA! when i was still in UM few years back, we used to go shopping almost every weekend (except during exam/assignment periods). back then, our favourite malls were MV and Sg Wang. and everytime during the shopping, i never fail to enter Sasa ^__^ it could be just a window shop but i can lepak in this shop for hours! serious. cause there are just too many things to see! can get free perfume testing and sample somemore. you know how people love free skin care/cosmetic samples right! *grin*
and i dont know about you but i think all Sasa's promoters are pretty friendly! they greet you with a friendly smile and always assist you in every questions. of cause, they will tempt you with different products and persuade you for a buy. but since they treat me nice so i would just reject politely for things that i'm not interested.
during my recent visit there, i got myself a Sexy Girl hair cologne and Mavala mascara and eyelash lengthening gel. i told the girl that i want some nice hair spray and she recommended me this instantly. it smells really great and i'm loving it! i wanted something like this long time ago as i find it annoying when i came back from clubbing or some closed-air restaurants. those smoke odor will just lay there on our hair and it sucks..

Sexy girl hair cologne in Paradise Fruity scent

as for the lash lengthening gel, i'm still using it and let see what it can do for my short and poor lashes after a few weeks.

Mavala mascara and lash lengthening gel

however, its totally upsetting to accept the fact that THERE IS NO SASA OUTLET IN TAIPING!! T___T
can someone please tell me why?!


  1. Yes, yes, I adore SASA too. I saw the Sexy Girl hair cologne in, emm, Guardian or Watson. Tempted to buy initial, but cannot test it out. Hence didn't get it.

  2. yvonne, its quite nice to use.. you can give it a try! ;)

  3. I tried Mavala's mascara before...and tried a few also...currently I'm using Majolica Majorca which can be found in is really nice ler...can lengthen ur eyelashes very fast...and long lasting :)

    the lengthening gel...not so useful to me...used 1 bottle finish din buy d...cuz didn't help much on me...

    Kaka...Penang Queensbay got 1 sasa shop....I just been there once... last time I like to shop in there...but not now...hehe...don't know why :P

  4. ivy, i heard so much about Majolica. haiz damn regret why i did not buy that last weekend :(
    taiping has watson but couldnt find this brand T___T
    i dont plan to buy the lengthening gel actually, but because it comes together with the mascara in pack, so...
    why u dun go there now ar?

  5. comes in a pack with the mascara more worth it ei.. :)
    y dun wan go a? erm....the product quite ex lo...then no din go lor...for hair product..QB got 1 shop-Alan.. the hair product more cheaper ei...really nice one...else is Shino ei hair product also not bad...sasa ei sales girl...erm...kinda pushy oso I dun like to go QB that

  6. ivy, hmm, true enough. some of the products are quite exp.. thats why i always think twice before buying them.
    ok, thanks for the infor. will look for the shops the next time when i go QB ;)

  7. let me know if you coming pg lor...cuz most of the Saturday I'll hang out there...can meet up with u for tea :)

  8. erm, I not often shopping there except went shopping with the shopping queen (namely as S).After followed her few time and me started learning make-up and will dropped by there once a time.
    hmmm...agree on your point, the promoters are pretty enuf!But me not really like that they keep follow on ur behind then keep persuade for buy~(expecially at JB branch). At sg, all the promoter are quite friendly and helpful but they wont like force u and persuade you to buy the product.Hahaaa...So, unless really want to buy then I just will shopping there~ ;p

  9. evelyn, ya i understand what u mean. sometimes some promoters are irritating enough! keep following u as if they afraid u will steal their things! haha.

  10. yea yea~BINGO~hate that kind of feel~

  11. Yes, I love SASA too. You open one in Taiping la. :)

  12. evelyn, yea..
    irene, i hope i can also la.. but.. bo lui :(


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