Monday, July 6, 2009

Some boring updates

As planned, i drove to JJ Ipoh on Saturday afternoon. was able to get all the material needed for our sushi making session. i bought unagi, salmon, inari, octopus, tobiko, japanese soy sauce, wasabi and sushi mats. these few items already cost me about RM150 =__=" no wonder people says japanese food are expensive!
however, the making was fun! there were about 13 of us and we made 2 big plates and 5 small plates of sushi. this time we not only made crabstick and prawn sushi but we had more varieties! learnt from the pass! of cause we couldnt finish ALL of them so everyone brought some take away back home.
*pictures soon*

watched Transformer for the second time and it's still rocks!! rumors has it that Transformer III is screening in 2012? hmm, another great movie to looking forward to (i know its a bit early..)

almost half of the department is on leave today, leaving MIS even quieter than normal :x


  1. Ya, thx a lot for the sushi mat you bought for me. Can start my sushi lesson tonight!

  2. yvonne, yeah no prob!
    good luck for ur lesson! ;)

  3. wow~sushi again!seem like u very enjoyed on it yaaa~
    watch Transformer for the 2nd time?!such good yaaa... I still waiting my 1st time ahhhhh~how pity am I!!!Haizzzz

  4. evelyn, you still havent watch ar?!
    i think now lesser people already you sure able to get tickets... faster go watch la!


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