Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stars strike

G.I.Joe, screening on 6/8/2009

District 9, screening on 13/8/2009

UP, screening on 20/8/2009

August's awesome!! :D


  1. I'm waiting G.I.Joe only..hehe...

    UP hor..Penang Gurney got 3D... you can check it out...make early purchase cuz it always sell like hot cakes *wink*

  2. My children and myself are waiting for the new Disney Pixar: UP too. The characters are all so cute looking. It will be shown during school break, I can expect the huge crowd in the cinema then.

  3. ivy, me too! got leng zai Channing Tatum inside le *blush*
    3D ar? hmm.. might consider also hehe.

    yan, yaya. even myself also wanna watch that cause the boy is very chubby and cute!! ;)

  4. 0.o can't wait till next week, the week after next week and the week after next next week.
    Movies Marathon!

  5. yvonne, yeah! :D
    even september also! got Final destination and Halloween!! ;)

  6. Cool... faster book some tickets for me. I wanna watch in Taiping! :)

  7. irene, haha i book also book for myself first! :p


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