Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sushi(s) fun!

As promised, pictures for the sushi session last weekend!
the crucial part of all is the cooking of the rice. to make a good sushi rice i think its important to put in the japanese rice vinegar, 米酢. alternatively, you can add in some (boiled) salt and sugar for more taste and to make the rice more sticky. this is totally optional as the japanese rice itself is already gluey on its own. first round, we cooked about 3-4 cups of japanese rice. this is already enough to make 4 medium plates of sushi(s). as for the ingredients, its up to your own creativity!

some of the ingredients
i mentioned here that i wanted to make tamago sushi. the steps seems pretty easy right? but, without the pan, nothing is possible, we are not sushi experts somemore. Boon has just moved into this new house last 2 weeks and when we reached, we realised that he dont have any pan, not even the round pan we use to fry eggs! so, outta no choice, we used the traditional wok. so frying egg using that is like, making tosai (an Indian dessert). so first tamago making is officially, quite failed T___T i think its time to invest in a good rectangular pan.

the final products!!

this plate finish the fastest. self made ebi fry. we didnt use the powder even though its available in the market. instead, we used baking powder and blended bread slice. impressive huh?

me, Crystal and Tingki

groupie! minus a few potato couches at the tv room. paid money just to watch tv only. hemp~
more photos at FB!


  1. saw the sushi~i feel so hungry!!!

  2. evelyn, haha, they looked so tempting right? ;)

  3. Your sushi making was great, as it combined the meal time, fun time, and good time together with your buddies. Thumbs up!

  4. You make me wanna go home and roll the sushi right now! I'm a sushi fanatic :B

  5. yan, indeed it is. it was tiring but yet it was fun! ;)
    yvonne, i believe you can! somemore you already have the sushi mat now *wink*

  6. When you gonna start a sushi restaurant? I wanna franchise yours. :)

  7. Sure, faster start your sushi restaurant!

  8. irene, haha okok. working on it.. if i REALLY run a sushi restaurant already, make sure you come 'pong chan'. ;)


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