Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hah such a lame title.. like some sorta air cond adv..
i remembered doing a post like this last year, but that was a short one.
now, i'm gonna elaborate more on this! (what to do, i'm running outta topics to blog lately)

this was my graduation in 1990!! *proud*

shit i couldnt find any photos earlier than 1990. i think mummy kept them somewhere already...

my kinder year.. was selected as a dancer for a pom pom dance.. haha. spot me?

this was during 8 i think... went to Malacca with cousin and relatives.. notice my natural curls, hah why spend money on perming hair??

this was 10 year old, at a small party at uncle's house at Cheras. i think i looked cute here eh?

upgraded!! school organized some outings and my parents allowed me to join!! *jumps high and low*
see, checkered tees were so in already back in 1995!
this was the time where eating was my priority wtf. my face was so chubby and can hardly see my eyes..

this was my second photography session with friends. i'm pretty sure most of you had this kinda photo shooting too! here, my face was still chubby and eyes still so small -__-

when i was 16! i think its the only time when i cut my hair so short! anyhow, i still prefer long hair! by the way, i wore the same uniform dress from Form 1 to Form 5 can you imagine?

first trip to Maxwell Hill with the girls.. i remembered this so well! we stayed a night there and swore we would never wanna go again :/ the chalet was scary. it was raining heavily that night and there was thunderstorm, radio channel went wrong, the door's glass was broken and electricity went tripped. we moved all the matresses to the living hall and slept. i was the earliest one to sleep cause damn scared ok! mind you, there were just GIRLS that time!

Eve and me!! we went for a short penang trip back in 2001/2002. it was my first time being exposed to what is hair straightening..

these 2 were my best-est mates during Form 6 (year 2002-2003) here, i started to wear contact lens and decided to keep my hair longg.
went to Cameron Highland as organized by the Tiong Hua club. hair still short and still plump that time.. i tried to control my diet that time but still failed T___T
obviously, this was during my Uni year! 2005 to be exact. yea i was still that fat!! though i was away from home, i kept eating and eating due to pressure and ke-tension-nan from assignments, vivas and tutorials
Siew Ling and me during an UM expo. she is exactly same year as me but is already a mother of TWO! *shame on me*
and my hair got longer! and still that straight!! oo i highlighted my fringe too!

i forgotten when was this.. but here, everyone started to dress up and wear nicer.

this is quite recent. been perming and colouring my hair since 2 years ago. i keep saying to change my hair style since ages ago but still..... perhaps its time for a change, like, REAL change ok. hmm we shall see...


  1. much different from childhood come of age...所谓:女大十八变! 现在果然是个大美女哦~
    wow, u still kept those chidhood photos and the sweet memories as well~wonderful!!

  2. Lovely, you become more and more beautiful!

  3. evelyn, hehe thanks.. of cause i keep them all! just that i needed to scan all the photos cause last time still using films.. hehe.

    irene, thanks! *blush*

  4. really quiet much different.
    now bcome leng lui alry.hehe...keep it ya..


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