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7 don'ts after a meal

Running outta topics to blog. just wanna share some useful infor with you.

Dont smoke
Experiments by experts have proved that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes so your chance of cancer are higher
(good for me! as i dont smoke and in fact, i hate smoking!)

Dont eat fruits immediately
Consuming fruits immediately will cause your stomach to be bloated with air. Take fruits one to two hours after, or an hour before your meal
(well, i guess i'll have to start adopting this tip)

Dont drink tea
Tea leaves contain a high acidic content, causing the protein that we consume to be hardened, and thus difficult to digest
(but we, especially ladies, tend to drink tea after a meal. believing that tea will wash away our fats =_=)

Dont loosen your belt
Loosening the belts after a meal will cause the intestine to be easily twisted and blocked
(i think a wiser choice will be wearing anything loose during our meal ^__^)

Dont bathe
Bathing causes the increase of blood flow to the hands and legs. As such, the amount of blood around the stomach will decrease, weakening the digestive system
(this is true. elderly used to advice us not to bath immediately after a meal as this will cause big belly for us)

Dont walk about
It is alleged that if you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live until 99. In actual fact, walking causes the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we eat(well, we can chose to stand for few minutes!)

Dont sleep immediately
The food will not be able to digest properly, and may lead to gastric and infection of the intestines
(i knew this. sleeping immediately after a meal will contributes to gaining weight)


  1. "Dont drink tea" - The myth is busted! I, too thought tea will wash away all the oil from my meal.
    Great sharing!

  2. yvonne, ya, i was shocked too!
    haiz, how ar.. no more thing to wash away the fats :/


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