Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost there..

Its been like a month plus since the renovation started.

just some painting and fixing the electrical thingy, then we can proceed with choosing the right furnitures ;)
but due to space constraint, my ideal walk in closet wont be that BIG T__T
well, may be its a good way of reminding myself to control shopping on clothes :/


  1. irene, like i said, we're almost there ;) may be another month to go!

  2. hahah...ask ur hubby get a bigger house so that u can have a walk-in closet... kakak... but is good that the house is under renovation right? :)s

  3. ivy, yea, will get a bigger house few years later. now bo lui ler :/

  4. wow, congratulation ya...
    next time can go ur house visit u ?

  5. Looking good, is that the toilet?

  6. sherley, thanks! sure!

    simon, haha, thats the toilet seat. dont worry, the toilet is not in the middle of the room :p


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