Monday, August 17, 2009

Another cooking attempt

Note: Happy 6th anniversary to you my dear! time flies and its been 6 years! ;)

It suppose to be a happy day today. but i'm down with fever, sorethroat and runny nose. FML.
temperature at 36.5, dr said its fine. but i did planned to take MC this morning when i woke up.

fine, cut the craps.

i cooked lamb chop and chicken chop last weekend ;) its some sorta present for EK as today is our special day. i chose to celebrate earlier as i have more time in preparing the ingredients.

i bought 4 lamb loins from Tesco. but the next time, i better dont buy from there anymore as they're not so fresh. the town market will be a wiser option ;)

boneless chicken thigh from tesco as well. i marinated them with BBQ sauce and some pepper and kept them refrigerated overnight.

TADA! chicken chop for me and mum. first attempt of mine in cooking chops. i heat some baked beans and arranged cucumber and tomato too!

dear's lamb chop, with french fries! ;) i dont know how the lamb tasted exactly as i dont eat lamb myself. but dad and EK had them and they said its yummy! (sorry it looks abit hangus)


  1. Wow, great venture! I never cook chops before, but from what you described it sure looks easy.
    I wanna try chicken chops for my family too.

  2. wow~yummy foods~ *stomach gulugulu* now~ seem like ur skill had improved much yaaaa~GOOD!
    passed to be a good wife d!Hahaha... ;p
    Belated wish for both of you:
    Wish ur sweet love forever & ever and happy always~ cheersssss

  3. They looked yummy and very presentable. Good venture.

  4. yvonne, yea. actually quite easy.. just need to marinate them with the right thing then grill/pan fry. good luck! ;)

    evelyn, ahaha thank you sweet! consider passed la ho? :p

    yan, thank u! ^__^

  5. Nice, where is mine? Chicken chop for me. :)

  6. irene, hmm.. may be next time! ;))

  7. look so sweet ya....
    happy anniversary to u~~

  8. wow..yummy *thumb up*

  9. sherley and celine, thank u!! ;)


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