Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Baby + orange jelly + randoms

Its been half a year since i last met Yen. since she came back from Genting lately so i paid her a visit. i miss her baby boy so much!!

his name is 承轩. see my happy face haha cause he dint want me to carry him in the beginning
=( but after some times, i succeeded! :D (please ignore my flabby arm)

but still failed to make him smile to the camera :/

entertaining himself
it was a typical Sunday. nothing to do so camwhore in the car(again). hello pimples wtf.

Walley and Fifi approached, they must be thinking i brought them food hmm.. i tell you these 2 fei poh(s) can really eat ALOT.. but usually Fifi will finish all the food as Walley is a picky eater
finally i made this orange jelly!

1. gather about 850ml of fresh orange juice. keep the hollow orange and set aside.
2. put some pandan leaves in 1.65l of boiling water. pour in the jelly powder and keep stiring.
3. add in sugar and taste.
4. take out the pandan leaves and pour in all the orange juice. fire off.
5. stir the mixture for a while and pour into the hollow orange or other containers. keep them in the fridge for about 2 hours and serve chill.
very easy!


  1. Yan, yaya. too bad u are not in the office today..
    but u and yvonne are coughing now.. so i dare not treat u two too much of this..

  2. Nice, I like Vit C, treat me la. :)

  3. irene, then come find me so that i can treat u.. lol.

  4. "Xian qi liang mu" .. ok ok...qualified to be a wife d... lol

  5. ivy, haha really ark? hmm, compliment leads to more improvement.
    thanks! ;)

  6. You are so sweet like I want to give you chocolates in person. Thanks for the orange jelly. I love baby too :)

  7. baby pose, thanks for dropping by! ;)

  8. Hmm... It was a really tasty and delicious dessert.
    Yeah, too bad I'm still coughing or else I'll wallop more :P

  9. yvonne, really ar? i thought its abit sour.
    nvm, when u fully recover i'll make somemore :)

  10. Then we can go to Taiping zoo ah? :)


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