Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be bothered

I feel better today. been having fever, sorethroat and blocked nose since Monday :/

i was kinda worry, i checked with the company clinic dr on that morning itself. temperature was at 36.5C and dr said its fine. call me kiasi but i'd do anything just to prevent from getting the popular H1N1 thingy... its something which can take our life away so i think we should pay serious attention to it.

i passed by the town clinics few nights ago and i saw some shocking scenes. most of the clinics are packed, people even queued outside the clinic! situation is getting more and more serious and our health could be at stake. i really hope this H1N1 pandemic can come to a stop soon.

take care everyone!


  1. Drink more water and avoid go to crowded place~take care lor...

  2. evelyn, ya.. really should quarantine myself already.
    you take care too~

  3. U too take care la...don't go shopping/watch movie d *blek*... anyway... just take good care of more + drink more water + consume more vit C food/vege/fruits

  4. ivy, thank u my dear!
    am trying not to go out so often..
    am drinking at least 2 liter of water daily..
    am taking Vit C daily..

  5. u take care of yourself dear.. i heard tpg's condistion is quite bad too..

  6. cryst, yea, its getting worse here T___T
    you too!

  7. More and more people start to wear mask in public.

  8. irene, yea, i think thats a minimum practice we should exercise...


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