Saturday, August 1, 2009

God please give me power

I got a wish.
a wish so that i can revenge on people whom i hate. something very powerful to let that person to forever feel deeply regret/sorry/guilty on the bad things that he has done.

i'm talking about the bastard who stalked me few months ago.

its been 4 months since the incident but everything is still fresh in my mind. i keep telling myself not to remember and let go. but its so hard ok! its not that i like him nor that i know him... but the thing is, when something/someone irritates you, it will be there sticking like UHU glue in ur memory. the worst part is, I KEEP SEEING HIM EVERY NOW AND THEN ON THE ROAD!! (especially on the way to work)

i consider this as a freaking nightmare to me. i can easily recognise him from far. i can easily recall his fcking plat number. i hate him alot and am cursing him every minute. but why God? why did You create that kinda fate between us??
i definetely dont appreciate it! >=(

i already adjusted my time to leave home to work hoping to get rid of him, as i now know roughly what time he'll be on the road. but still...
there is an alternative route i can use to reach office but that'll be quite far and not that convenient. and sometimes i just think, why should i try to avoid him?? i did nothing wrong! he should be the one who feels guilty and avoid me!

i'm terrified. i think this nightmare will haunt me forever and may be soon contributes to any mental problem? :'(

please.. i really need a magic/power to revenge.


  1. erm....maybe you should make a police report since you know his number plate?
    Try to forget it lor... erm... take extra precaution but don't over la..else you will be stress out.

  2. ivy, i've thought about it. but now, i'm not sure whether is he still stalking/following me? i dont think police will entertain me unless i'm SURE about it.

  3. babe,别害怕...放轻松点!可能只是个凑巧所以你才会经常碰见他叻,别自己吓自己啦!

  4. evelyn, 对啊,我的精神已经有点被折磨了
    我没对我家人提过叻。。 我不想他们担心叻。我只对我老公和几个朋友说而已。。


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