Friday, August 7, 2009

Guiling gao(龟苓膏)

aka herbal turtle jelly?
i know what you're thinking.. what? jelly again?! 1st attempt was laichee jelly, 2nd was orange jelly, and this is the 3rd. but please dont call me jelly queen, i just thought that cooking always starts with something simple and fast. lol. (ok i admit, excuses for lazy bump like me)
i swear the next project wont be jelly anymore ok! ;)

all you need are 5 sachets of guiling gao powder, 250g of rock sugar and approximately 1 liter of water.

dissolve 250g rock sugar in 945ml of water. boil them.

meanwhile, dissolve all the powder into 236ml of cold water and mix them. be sure to whisk them slowly to prevent the powder from clotting.

next, pour all the mixture into the sugar syrup and blend them well. fire off.

pour them into serving cups. make sure you do this step quick as the mixture will coagulate fast once remove from heat. so prepare the cups in advance. for better taste, i pour some brown sugar syrup on top of the jelly once they are cold. alternatively, you can substitute with honey or condensed milk. 5 sachets of powder is enough to make about 10 jelly cups of guiling gao.
super easy isnt? ;)


  1. LOl...u use rice cooker ei pot... lol...

  2. ivy, haha like that also you notice? but nvm one ma, as long as can use :p

  3. Yummy! Thanks for the jelly. I love it sooooo much (despite am still coughing).

  4. yvonne, welcome~
    i know the jelly is good for cooling, but not sure will trigger cough or not =___= hope its alright!

  5. I got sharp eyes ma... lol...

  6. Hayley, this Guiling gao is very successful. Enough sweetness and the texture is just nice also.

  7. yan, thanks!! but its very easy la actually hehe.


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