Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heritage 1981 fashion

I'm in lurve with shirt dress! :D

my favourite of all !!

but i'm so broke right now T____T
how arr?

pictures from here


  1. How about learning to make your own clothes instead? (^^,)

  2. wai leng, good idea!! ;)
    but but.... i dont think i have that patience lo :/

  3. kaka...bought d a? I thought u in a controlled plan?

  4. ivy, not yet la, thats why i post them up..
    yea, i'm broke so i can only salivates over them.. how pity =(

  5. (^^,)
    Hahaha... I know it's not going to be easy. I've tried sewing a bag (I love B-A-G-S)and still not so successful. That's why I dare not put it up on my blog just yet. But when the inspiration and enthusiasm rushes through your veins, it will become very rewarding when you have completed your project AND surprise yourself at the same time.

  6. wai leng, i understand that kinda feelings... ;)

    nvm la, put it up! i want to see!!

  7. No question about it, those are really beautiful plaid shirt dress!

    Hey babe, I have just put up a new plaid shirt dress on my boutique also, you might want to take a look... with zipper in front. And available perhaps at 1/3 the price of what you get from Forever21. But, quality assured! :)

  8. Neo, ;)

    irene, oo really.. ok, will browse them when i'm free! ^__^


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