Friday, August 7, 2009

I’m Addicted to Olay Game

To me, Olay is a very old time brand of skin care product. i think its very famous ever since my mum's time.
recently i found out this contest of them through Nuffnang. its specially dedicated for all Nuffnangers.

the prizes that you could win:

the contest is very easy, all you need to do is
1. Play the online game here and then take the final screenshot of your highest score.
2. Write a blog post titled “I’m Addicted to Olay Game” and post the screenshot in the blog post.
3. Tag 5 of your friends in the post and challenge them to beat your score.
4. Send in an email to with the permalink of your blog post.

my final score is 5120, not sure is it enough? anyway, you can try to beat me! contest ends at 31st august so hurry!

here, i tag Ivy, Yan, Yvonne, Angeline and Evelyn (sorry some of you might need to register as a Nuffnanger first)

good luck!! :D


  1. Hmm...tag me a...I saw this game last few days...lazy play and post blog at the same time... lol...

  2. ivy, haha.. well, you can do that when you are too bored and have nothing to blog about ;)

  3. Having the same thought as Ivy too....
    And thinking of Mr Mole as my "boss" =_= no motivation.
    Will register only after my mind open to accept his mole.

  4. irene, of course i hope so! ;)

    yvonne, hmm.. i understand.. well, let's wait and see...


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