Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knowing what your name means...

I found this cool site from Cheeserland. its called anagrams and it can explain to you what your name actually means..
i keyed in Hayley Ong and this is what it returns..
'eh! on gayly'
does it means i'm gay ar? :/

next i try 'york mei' and it returns 'I'm. Or key'.
ok, i'll interpret it as I'M OK. thats more like it ;)

go try! its fun.. you can even try out other people's names whom you like/dont like.
eg: i try keyed in somebody's name and it returns 'not nag king' but i totally not agree with this! that person is a real nag king!


  1. guess wat I'm get when i keyed in Evelyn ong? It anagrams to 'Envy on leg.' wahahaahaha...really funny!

  2. evelyn, haha so funny!
    hmm, i think it means you have nice legs!! :p

  3. nononono~is mean I envy on other ppl's leg...mine is short and fat 萝卜腿~=='

  4. evelyn, lol.. but this anagrams is really quite fun! ;)

  5. I know who that somebody is and I totally agree with you!

  6. yvonne, agree ho? i think that somebody should change names liao ;)


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