Friday, August 28, 2009

Peace of mind

With regards to the previous post, i want to thank you all for giving me encouragement! it means alot to me. i always doing my best to have confident and faith in my relationship, it just that i dont like seeing her around, trying to minimise the contact between my hubby and her ma...
anyway, i should just be more confident in myself. knowing that he chosed me for some reasons, nothing should comes in between us! ;)

at last... the long weekend is here! our initial planning is to go KL but its has been cancelled. all thanks to H1N1 la! i have been thinking of other places to visit during this weekend. i've suggested Pangkor, Pantai, Penang(kek lok si or Fraser Hill), Damai Laut etc. all are slightly nearer. but nobody seems to be interested. i asked EK a few times but he dint give me any response. FINE! i became fed up i dont want to plan anymore. we might as well just stay at Taiping or at home, doing some typical activities like watching 我猜我猜我猜猜or lepaking at Taiping Sentral without any purposes :/

happy weekend and happy merdeka!


  1. yayayaya~ must be confident in urself! Kampateh~

    Enjoy ur long weekend ahead~ ;D

  2. stay home good also ma.. lol... enjoy!

  3. ivy, yalo. can prevent H1N1 ma ho? haha..
    have a nice weekend!

  4. I'll be at home with 2 sick monsters T___T

  5. yvonne, both also sick??
    hope they can get well soon!!


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