Monday, August 10, 2009

Random is my thing

Weekend was a busy one. went to Penang for PC Fair and some shopping at QB. i know its very risky now to go to crowded public places, but this is our plan since few weeks back so... ;)

EK bought me a cute mickey mouse MP3 ;) thank you love!
got myself only ONE top from Forever 21 (read: ONE) should i be proud on managed to control my spending? *grin*
but there's a reason behind. EK told me not to shop too much this time, better save for this Merdeka shopping at KL =__=

watched G.I.Joe last Friday and i'm so in love with Duke(Channing Tatum)!!

actually i like him from the movie Step Up, but the feeling grow even stronger after i watched G.I.Joe. *blush*
uhm dont feel like elaborating the movie further as its very high-end. you can try google it or better, watch it! overall its one great movie! ^__^

rating: 4/5


  1. 1 oso control a? lol...
    yaya...I also want to watch G.I.Joe... no time to watch yet... hehe

  2. ivy, ya, for me ONE consider 'control' liao *self-convinced* :p
    go watch! very nice!

  3. Don't control, buy more! Hahaha... anyway, if got chance, show us the Forever21 top. :)

  4. irene, you think i print money one ark?!
    haha, dont think i will show la :p

  5. lol... she really think u print money...kakak.... lol...
    every time I went into Forever 21 shop... whether sales or not .. I cant seems to find anything suits me.. lol.. got la..bag lo..but too ex...and don't seems worth didnt buy :P

  6. ivy, yala.. i also wish my job is printing money leh..
    hmm, it happens on me also. sometimes, those F21 clothes dont really ngam me. dont know is it i'm too 'young' or too 'old' for the fashion :/


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