Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today, i'm going to talk about something, sensitive.
(note: if you notice my FB status today, you should know what i'm trying to say...)

i know a friend, through some friends of mine. she looks ok(not ugly, but OK). i'm not very close with her, but we do see each other once a while.
what i'm trying to say is, i dont really like her. so sorry but i have to say this. i dont enjoy her company during any gathering. she did something a few times which really irritates me.
too bad, i have to meet her also. and all i do is to pretend she's not around and keep an eye on her and my hubby. and this happens when I AM AROUND. (sounds confusing right? pretend she's not around but still have to keep an eye on her.. lol)
what happen when i'm NOT AROUND? gosh only God knows.
it seems like i'm the only one who bother about what she does. but i do have a girl friend who has almost the similar thought as me. ok, at least i know i'm not thinking too much!

sigh, i really want to talk about her in details but i cant, i'm afraid my words might somehow hurt her.

ok at this point, i know you might be confused already. sorry but if you want to know more, perhaps you can email me and i tell you in details ok! haha. but make sure you keep it to yourself ya...

all i hope is, thing goes well between us *pray hard*

p/s: you have no idea how hard is it for me to blog about this. i want to share but yet i cant reveal her name!! >=(


  1. Do you tell your husband about it? It is important to let him know how you feel. He has to respect and sensitive to your feeling. For the girl, you can ignore her and be confident in yourself. Best of luck.

  2. Don't worry, have confident in yourself and your hubby! Cheers, babe.

  3. yan, of course he knows that i dont like her..
    hmm, i really should have enough confident in me, always tell myself that i'm better than her.. wakakak..

    irene, thank you! ;)

  4. babe~just ignore the gal, must confident in urself...U'r the best, if not ur hubby wont choose u be wife le~ ;o Think positive always and stay happy always ohhh~
    Have a nice weekend ahead! ;)

  5. finally u grown up d! Yipee! now u knw hw hard it is not able to blog out what you have in mind ler.. *wink*
    anyway, bitches r everywhr. jus ignore lo... noting much u can do right? If you told EK b4 d.. then just have faith in him and ur relationship :)

  6. evelyn, thanks sweetie!
    i know, i'm always the best! ;)

    ivy, what you mean i finally grown up arr? :/
    hmm, after all the encouraging comments, i know what to do la.. i always have faith in our relationship, just that i dont like seeing her around. you know...

  7. lol... grown up as in u cant simply blast out in ur blog what you have in mind lor.. u got to filter d.. :)

  8. ivy, ooo...
    but i thought i did that all the while? haha.. nvm...


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