Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An unwelcome dream

Catherine, Samantha and i were supposed to look after the house. suddenly the light went off. the whole house was so dark.. out of sudden we got a mini torchlight in our hands. we switched it on and decided to stay together until the light come back..

i was pointing my torchlight around and suddenly, a figure wearing white shirt and blue skirt stood there on my left. it was so scary i screamed out loud. but the funniest thing was, i remembered shouting to her 'who are you?! answer me!!'
the next thing i know, that figure flied towards me! i was screaming and shouting like mad!

but thank God i was awaken by then! wiped my sweat and felt slightly relief that it was JUST A DREAM! a bad dream to be exact. and thanks to that bad dream, i stayed awake for about 1 hour before i could fell asleep again @__@

yes you are right. i dream of ghost last night! ghost as in 'kuai', 'gui',鬼, hantu, Obake(お化け)...
a random photo of me, in case you forgot how i look.


  1. Scary lor.....
    Before I felt asleep last night, the dogs in my neighbourhood were barking like hell. I peeped through my window and saw no one. =______=. Were they barking to those thing? It's the month, like you said...

  2. yvonne, memang scary.. somemore i sleep alone.. :/
    ya, dogs can see those thing.. the way they bark also one kind only..

  3. ==""" so scary lar~

  4. evelyn, ya lo T__T
    even though its jz a dream, but its seems so real...

  5. Wah, scary le... got piss in your pants or not? :)

  6. irene, haha, luckily no le..
    i am big enough to control my own pee.. lol...

  7. Your sunglasses so big and trendy!

  8. irene, haha.. Gucci lai eh, dont play play... :p
    bought at at RM10 at the big market, Hatyai. kakaka....


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