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Bad service! bad!

Went for a quick shop at Vincci just now. then we decided to have lunch at Old Town cafe. Yan and Angeline ordered Hor Hee set lunch, and Yvonne and myself ordered just drinks.

we waited about 15 mins and our order still havent arrive yet. this is a SET LUNCH it supposed to be quick, and there're not many customers that time. we rushed the waitress again and she kept saying 'its coming its coming...' after few minutes, we told her to tapao the lunch instead but again she said its coming. it was already 1.25pm when the order finally came(mind you, our lunch break ends at 1.30pm and we are not suppose to be late in the office).

we were already very angry at this point. what's worst, the waitress placed the wrong order. it was supposed to be 2 sets of hor hee but what came was 2 sets of pan mee =__="""

Yan and Angeline got so mad that they straight away cancelled the whole thing. in the end, we paid for the 2 drinks and left...

this could be a familiar experien…

Best friend's registration day

Its Annie aka Tingki's big day!!

BIG family
morning pale look. i didnt wear any make up =__=

Annie got her hair do and make up done at One plus One salon. it suits her alot!! ;)

congrats Mr Lee!

EK look like a giant here


you both got the blessing from us all!

Me, Annie and Crystal Congrats once again! and welcome to the club of aunty and uncle! :D

Hatyai trip 2009

Finally! ;)
i guess some of you might already viewed the photos in FB. so i will just upload a few here.

Day 1
woke up early on Sunday morning. EK drove like mad on highway as to avoid from long queue at the kastam =__=" we reached kastam within 2 hours *double sweat*
had a quick milo break, collecting border forms and off to the kastam. there were already a long queue at Msia kastam.. but luckily vehicles moved smoothly and we passed the border safely ;)

supposely the agent's van should pick us up near the kastam at 8am. but due to certain problems he never showed up >=( we dint want to delay any further so we looked for other van drivers which were already there. we found one after 5 mins but the driver intended to cheat us as he sees we were not locals, and we cant speak their language. we got frust so we walked further down to look for others. in the end, we took a bigger tut tut.

sadly, this tut tut driver also brought us alot of problems. half way through the journey, he s…

This week...

... is a short working week. basically i just need to work for 2.5 days ;)

i know i still havent blog about my Hatyai trip. will try to see if i have the time this weekend. so please keep visiting ok :p

other than the Hatyai trip, i dont have anything fancy to blog already =__= yes, life is abit boring now, especially after some holidays. the mood isnt really here yet.

wedding photo shooting is within a month plus time; wedding dinner is about half a year away; our room is still under renovation; and my diet plan, still fail T____T

ok, enough blabbing. its a Friday afterall. have a fantastic weekend ahead!

Fuego & Mandy's wedding

Most of us attended Fuego's wedding yesterday night. it was my first time attending wedding dinner with my colleagues. haha, damn jakun.
not only the newly wed was busy that night, we were busy snapping photos too :p

part of MIS dept

part of MIS dept too


got a chance to take photo with the bridegroom of the day

pretty bride and bridegroom
soon, its going to be my turn :S i'm nervous actually. thinking of all the things that need to be prepared and all... :/


The long holiday everyone's waiting for is finally here! :D

wanna wish everyone a happy holiday and selamat hari raya!

guess i wont be updating my blog until next week.
going to Hatyai for a short breakaway.
great and cheap food, massage, floating market, shopping... here i come!! ;)

A message for you..

This post is specially dedicated to a friend of mine
*i hope YOU read this*

Please stop ruining yourself. you are not going to turn back the times no matter what you do now. stop doing stupid things that will hurt yourself, and also your family and your closest friends. we only live ONCE, and you are still young!! why did you need to worry and feels that there's no tomorrow for you? i'm sure everything has its solution, just a matter of you want to do it or not. of cause everyone makes mistakes. but most importantly, we know how to learn from the mistakes, and never repeat that again.

please stop looking back and move forward. life goes on no matter what happen. remember, everything you do affects your loved ones. you know you have your family here, and us as your sisters/good friends. so, please treat yourself better. forget the past and move on, ok!

Sky bar

First sky bar at Taiping.
call me jakun, i've been wanting to go there since few weeks ago. so coincidentally that Cindy and AS were at Taiping last weekend, so i suggested to go there! haha, wish came true!
only a few photos here and you can view the rest in my FB.

l-r: me, Cindy, Khim, AS, Crystal and Tingki.

most of the photos were taken by WN. he is a great photographer in our gang lol. but blame it to my camera, i know the quality werent that good. what to do? i cant afford to buy a DSLR camera :S overall, the atmosphere up there is really nice. cold breezy air, a great view on lake garden, and lightning of the houses around the neighbourhood. however, their services are quite slow. perhaps its still new and they are lack of experiences. to me, i would suggest them to add more variety of drinks and snacks. and please dont switch on channel ESPN on their plasma TV screen....


Spent the whole saturday noon baking muffins ;)

Cheese muffin

100g butter
200g cream cheese (i'm using Kraft's Philadelphia cream cheese)
200g flour
80g caster sugar
120ml milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp lemon juice

start by beating the cream cheese, followed by butter. then add in caster sugar and continue beating.
add in eggs one by one. then proceed with milk and lemon and blend them again. next, pour in flour and baking powder and keep beating in one direction.

pour the mixture into the muffin cups. bake them at 180C for 30 minutes and viola!

sorry abit out of shape :S but it taste great! the cream cheese smells very nice!

Chocolate chip muffin
Ingredients: 100g butter 150g caster sugar 2 eggs 100ml milk 20g chocolate powder 100g chocolate chips 160g low gluten flour(super fine flour), sieved 1 tbsp baking powder the beginning steps are almost the same. always start with blending the butter then caster sugar. followed by eggs. next, pour in milk and chocolate powder and …

Where got ghost?

A typical Sg comedy. yet scary at a few scenes.. i did got shocked a few times! :S
the show is divided into 3 stories. there's a moral/massage at the end of every story.. quite recommended if you want a good laugh! :D

rating: 3/5

Food again

earlier i made this pudding bread on my own. but dint bring it to share cause its abit tasteless. perhaps i put too much milk already, it covered the eggs flavor -___- alone, i wallop almost half of it. damn guilty now. i think i'll have to throw the rest away... :S jelly mooncakes made by Angeline's MIL. cendol flavor, red beans and dragon fruits flavor. i like the dragon fruits the most!

Online purchased

Online boutiques are a hit ever since few years ago. its hassle free as we just have to sit there, browsing and choosing the things we like, pay them and wait for them to be delivered. but surely there and pros and cons of shopping online.

to me, the pros are:
-saves time and energy

the cons:
-we might not receive the same thing as seen in the websites
-we cant touch and feel the quality of the material/clothes

hmm.. so is it safe to shop online? i think its up to how you see it. but one thing for sure is to ask for detailed infor about the clothes and make sure the payment is transfered successfully.

checkered top from
white dress from too

green satin dress from

this is my favourite so far, checkered sleeveless from

and this is the latest love i owned, black long cardi from


Today is a special day! A friend of mine is getting registered. too bad i couldnt attend her registration :(but nvm! its a special day i'm sure she'll have all the blessings! she told me there are about 30++ pairs of couples who are going to register today. i can imagine how many more in other big cities like KL...anyway, congratulation for those who are registered/married today! ;)

My cubicle

I was bored during lunch time today. so, snapped some photos to share.

lunch box made by Yvonne. she always cooked macaroni for us. Yan also will buy fruits or share her cooking with us. sometimes Lorita will also treat us some food. all in all, everyone here love sharing! ;) so nice to be surrounded with friendly colleagues.
this is the one thing i stare at every working day calendar, telephone, phone directory and toilet paper lol

keychains corner of mine. so far, i have gathered souvenir keychains from HK, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Langkawi, Australia, Redang, China and Hatyai ;)

Longan luo han guo dessert

This is the first time i'm trying on dessert (糖水). basically i'm a fan of dessert. thats why you see i always trying on cakes and other desserts-like food ;)

this longan luo han guo(Fructus Momordicae) dessert is very easy. all you need is 2-3 luo han guo, 300g winter melon sticks, 50g dried longan pulp, some sugar candy and about 2.5liter of water.
First, smash the luo han guo and put them into the boiling water. put in the winter melon sticks too and let them boil for about one hour. next, remove the luo han guo and put in the dried longan pulp, keep boiling for about 15 minutes.
if you like the dessert to be sweeter, you can add in some sugar candy and taste.

and oh, it taste better if chilled! ;)

but this time, i dint put any sugar candy. as the longan and winter melon sticks is already very sweet.

random photo to share. dinner at SSL Trader Restaurant (意成酒楼).

food are ok. but abit pricey. we ordered shrimp eggplants, curry fish head, tomato pork and medium-sized prawns. all tha…

Final Destination 4 - Rest in Pieces

Similar to the previous episodes, the story tells about a guy, Nick(Bobby Campo) who is able to see how and who is going to die in the times to come. together with few of his closest friends, they try to do things to avoid from dying.

a few might have survived.. but in the end, everyone is still dead.

and true enough, everyone's dead in pieces...

rating: 3.5/5

(my favourite is still episode 3)

Marble butter cake

MIL is so generous that she gave a microwave to me last week ;)
i actually planned to buy one for myself, been survey on the price lately...
so, to appreciate this gift, i tried on marble butter cake last weekend.

250g butter
210g gluten flour/super fine flour
200g caster sugar
5 eggs
1/2 tbsp of baking powder
20g chocolate powder
2 tbsp milk

first beat the butter completely. next, add in caster sugar and keep beating. when its completely blended, put in egg one by one. next, add in baking powder and low gluten flour and mix them in one direction. then, take about 1/3 of the mixture and put it in a different bowl, add in chocolate powder. this is to make the topping.

then, spread some butter on the tray. alternatively, you can lay a piece of cake paper on it

pour in the white mixture and spread evenly on the tray

next, pour the chocolate topping on it. use a fork to draw some patterns, this enable the cake to look nicer

set the microwave at 170C and let the cake bake for about 45mi…