Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad service! bad!

Went for a quick shop at Vincci just now. then we decided to have lunch at Old Town cafe. Yan and Angeline ordered Hor Hee set lunch, and Yvonne and myself ordered just drinks.

we waited about 15 mins and our order still havent arrive yet. this is a SET LUNCH it supposed to be quick, and there're not many customers that time. we rushed the waitress again and she kept saying 'its coming its coming...' after few minutes, we told her to tapao the lunch instead but again she said its coming. it was already 1.25pm when the order finally came(mind you, our lunch break ends at 1.30pm and we are not suppose to be late in the office).

we were already very angry at this point. what's worst, the waitress placed the wrong order. it was supposed to be 2 sets of hor hee but what came was 2 sets of pan mee =__="""

Yan and Angeline got so mad that they straight away cancelled the whole thing. in the end, we paid for the 2 drinks and left...

this could be a familiar experience to most of us, and i'm pretty sure it doesnt happen at this cafe only. if i have the time, may be i wont mind waiting. but it was our precious one hour lunch break we dint want to waste it. if i happen to step in this cafe again, i will definetely ask for evaluation form and complain about the lunch incident.

remember, customers are always right! :p


  1. is like tat ei lor...Malaysia boleh!

  2. Agreed, very bad service. Set lunch, in my opinion is equal to express meal. Taking more than 15 minutes is considered super duper slow!

  3. yvonne, yalo. next time dont go Old Town during lunch time liao.. >=(

  4. Ok, we boycott Old Town together.

  5. yan, haha. must say correctly, its boycott them during lunch hour. ;)

  6. complaint to their manager...
    support u!!! ;)

  7. evelyn, i scared complain also no use... haha, but no harm trying. next time, ask their manager to see me. :p


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