Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cheap and nice

Taiping is always famous for its delicious foods. no doubt its a small town, yet its filled with great food everywhere.

together with Yvonne and Yan, we went to Lian Thong(聯通) during lunch time today. its slightly far from our office, but thanks to their fast serving, we managed to get back to office in time ;))
if you remember, i mentioned about it here.

Lian Thong is a very old time kopitiam at Taiping. back in schooling time, dad used to bring me there for their famous curry mee. besides curry mee, egg toast and bomb mee are their must-eat too!

their self made honey lime drinks..

seaweed and fish bihun soup

the famous bomb mee
i heard that their coffee is nice too!! i'm not so sure about this as i dont drink coffee. but i can say all of their food are very yummy and cheap too! big portion somemore. 3 of us actually shared the bomb mee and bihun soup. all that(plus a drink) only cost RM 4 each! ;) quite a worth eh ?
but too bad, it is close on Sundays :(

Lian Thong Restaurant
5, Jalan Kota,
34000 Taiping Perak.

-photos credit to Yvonne-


  1. hmmm~sound so familiar but unable recall the actual location...
    coffee is my favourite...must go to try next time~thanks for sharing!!!

  2. evelyn, no problem!
    the shop is nearby hua lian high school.. not hard to find! ;)

  3. Just look at the food is making my tummy drumming. Must visit that spot again!

  4. yvonne, ya lo... the only problem is its abit far :S


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