Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fuego & Mandy's wedding

Most of us attended Fuego's wedding yesterday night. it was my first time attending wedding dinner with my colleagues. haha, damn jakun.

not only the newly wed was busy that night, we were busy snapping photos too :p

part of MIS dept

part of MIS dept too


got a chance to take photo with the bridegroom of the day

pretty bride and bridegroom

soon, its going to be my turn :S i'm nervous actually. thinking of all the things that need to be prepared and all... :/


  1. Yours is approaching soon..... I hope the extra kgs won't approach me, so I can squeeze into my dress on your special day.
    You still have 6 months to go, if you already plan halfway, everything should be fine.

  2. Relax...relax...relax...
    dont too nervous~
    still got alot time for preparing...just keep urself stay happy always... ;)

  3. yvonne, hmm, must start controlling now =__= but actually i'm looking forward to it also ;)

    evelyn, ok. will keep that in mind. hehe. thank u!

  4. hey congrats on your upcoming wedding! =)

  5. lol...just dont eat too much, go for facial treatment every week, make urself pretty from now on.. then you will be good on your wedding day :)

  6. ivy, yeah, i'm trying to control, but... not easy :S
    as for facial, i'm afraid i will broke if i go for it every week. perhaps once every 3 weeks will do, haha.


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