Friday, September 4, 2009

Funny names

Someone added me in FB today. guess who??
its ANDY LAU! :D
seriously its ANDY LAU ok!! got his photo somemore.

ok i lied :/

but i found it very funny. simply put a celebrity name/photo and pretend he's the star. this so called Andy Lau is one great example. he really thinks he is the HK Andy Lau meh??

then have you heard of Yoga Lin(林宥嘉)? he is the winner of One Milion Star season 1 in Taiwan. come on, just because his chinese name rhymes like yoga so he take Yoga as his christian name =__="" (sorry dont intend to offend his fans, i just couldnt help it)

any other names you know? what about Eason Chen, Jolin Chai, Joey Ong, Penny Tai etc.. all these Christian names rhyme with the chinese name. but fine at least these names sound alot nicer.

ok back to the point. i really cannot tahan people who simply put a celebrity photo as their primary photo in FB or Friendster, and declared it as who they really are. dont they know its not right?

and for these people, i just wont accept their friend request. you can call me lansi( i actually stated this in my FB), but i wont add people whom i dont know, or those who dint have a profile photo at all (come on, if you wanna play the games please show your face la!)

as for the name i use for this blog, Hayley, its just for fun. its definetely not my real name.

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