Monday, September 28, 2009

Hatyai trip 2009

Finally! ;)
i guess some of you might already viewed the photos in FB. so i will just upload a few here.

Day 1
woke up early on Sunday morning. EK drove like mad on highway as to avoid from long queue at the kastam =__=" we reached kastam within 2 hours *double sweat*
had a quick milo break, collecting border forms and off to the kastam. there were already a long queue at Msia kastam.. but luckily vehicles moved smoothly and we passed the border safely ;)

supposely the agent's van should pick us up near the kastam at 8am. but due to certain problems he never showed up >=( we dint want to delay any further so we looked for other van drivers which were already there. we found one after 5 mins but the driver intended to cheat us as he sees we were not locals, and we cant speak their language. we got frust so we walked further down to look for others. in the end, we took a bigger tut tut.

sadly, this tut tut driver also brought us alot of problems. half way through the journey, he said he felt dizzy and he needed a rest so he drove very slowly. not long after that, he told us he dint bring his license out @___@ we waited by the roadside for his friend to come to switch driving. it was very hot that morning and we were starving, can you imagine how angry we were?!
after 20 mins the friend came and took over the wheel. we thought things will be fine... but again, this driver dint know how to get to Central >=( to cut the story short, we took 2 hours++ just to reach Central..

after checked in at Siam Center hotel, we went Fuji restaurant situated at Lee Garden. its something like Sushi King but more varieties and much much cheaper!! (photos below)
some random photos in the tut tut. we were on the way to temples.

us on top of the hill! there were the Brahma statue, Guan Yin statue and 四面佛

random photos of us.

this place is one of the tourist attractions. we spent about 2 hours there. its not very far from Central, and its about 700 baht from Central.

some of the food we had during our trip. Fuji japanese food and yummylicious Swensen ice cream!

went to Klong Hae floating market in the afternoon. this is also a must go! loads of loads of cheap and nice food selling from the boat.

went back to the hotel for a quick rest. dinner was at a siam food restaurant called Sawoei. there was alot of people when we reached. it was holiday so the kitchen was lack of helps. we ordered about 6 dishes but only 2 were served. wasted our time there so we left in anger in the end. went back to Central to have McD as dinner instead.
walked around at the busy night market then headed to the relaxing massage at 10pm. the place was Tong Num massage center and its only 300 baht per person.
Day 2
nothing much we did this day, went to Leng Kee restaurant for breakfast. after that, took tut tut to the big market. bought some food, souvenirs, clothes and shoes there. EK hunted 7 shirts which was abit surprising to me, cause he seldom shops so generously like this. we checked out at 2pm and walked around the town shopping mall. left Hatyai at 5pm and started our trip back home. dropped by SP to have dinner too.

it was a short but fun trip. its totally unforgettable due to all the unhappy incidents. but anyway, Hatyai is really a great place to shop! might plan to visit it again! :p


  1. Oooo..... I might plan my there :D Good to go!

  2. Thanks for your souvenir and Thai junk food. My daughters love the hat pins so much.


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