Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How we spent merdeka eve

Basically, the gang dont really celebrate merdeka. but we did enjoyed ourselves as we earned one holiday. everybody loves holiday right? ;)

Taiping Sentral was hell packed during day time. we wandered around McD, grabbed some food from the japanese food fair and left.

had dinner at Flemington Hotel. FIL invited mum and dad and aunty together. it was just a normal dinner as we wanna taste the food there.
one and only photo. was shy to ask everyone to take photos :S
anyway, overall the food is ok and the environment is quite classy. but one thing for sure is there're alot of people. probably because its still new.
next, joined the gang for gathering.
i like this photo even though its blur :)

Annie and me

random photo of the gang

the girls joined later too!


EK before he was.. drunk. the gang was crazy, they ordered RM 400 of Heineken beer that night =__=""

Angeline with her new hair. we got almost similar style that night tee hee...
while i drove EK home, a bunch of mat rempits were riding around town areas, carrying our Msia flags. may be its a way for them to show their love to this meaningful day, but its very irritating. definetely the roads will be more peaceful and less jam without their appearance.


  1. i went flemington too.. damn love it.. never expect to have such a classy hotel in tpg. the sky bar was awesome!

  2. cryst, yaya.. consider ok liao in this small taiping town ;)
    i havent see the sky bar.. heard its cool!!


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