Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Longan luo han guo dessert

This is the first time i'm trying on dessert (糖水). basically i'm a fan of dessert. thats why you see i always trying on cakes and other desserts-like food ;)

this longan luo han guo(Fructus Momordicae) dessert is very easy. all you need is 2-3 luo han guo, 300g winter melon sticks, 50g dried longan pulp, some sugar candy and about 2.5liter of water.
First, smash the luo han guo and put them into the boiling water. put in the winter melon sticks too and let them boil for about one hour. next, remove the luo han guo and put in the dried longan pulp, keep boiling for about 15 minutes.

if you like the dessert to be sweeter, you can add in some sugar candy and taste.

and oh, it taste better if chilled! ;)

but this time, i dint put any sugar candy. as the longan and winter melon sticks is already very sweet.

random photo to share. dinner at SSL Trader Restaurant (意成酒楼).

food are ok. but abit pricey. we ordered shrimp eggplants, curry fish head, tomato pork and medium-sized prawns. all that was at RM120++ for 4 person. the towels and peanuts already cost RM5 =__=""


  1. This "tong sui" is very yummy. I like it very much. Thanks for the treat.

  2. yan, thank u for being my guinea pig. hehe..
    and u're welcome!

  3. 糖水是炎热天气的极品啊~~~

  4. evelyn, 对啊!还要是冷冻的!;)

  5. Lolz...it looks yummy to me!!

  6. Erny, thanks for dropping by!
    erm, u mean the dessert or the dishes?? :p

  7. haha..everything there looks yummy...
    I like your blog..hope to be able to read more!


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