Monday, September 7, 2009

Marble butter cake

MIL is so generous that she gave a microwave to me last week ;)
i actually planned to buy one for myself, been survey on the price lately...
so, to appreciate this gift, i tried on marble butter cake last weekend.

250g butter
210g gluten flour/super fine flour
200g caster sugar
5 eggs
1/2 tbsp of baking powder
20g chocolate powder
2 tbsp milk

first beat the butter completely. next, add in caster sugar and keep beating. when its completely blended, put in egg one by one.
next, add in baking powder and low gluten flour and mix them in one direction.
then, take about 1/3 of the mixture and put it in a different bowl, add in chocolate powder. this is to make the topping.

then, spread some butter on the tray. alternatively, you can lay a piece of cake paper on it

pour in the white mixture and spread evenly on the tray

next, pour the chocolate topping on it. use a fork to draw some patterns, this enable the cake to look nicer

set the microwave at 170C and let the cake bake for about 45mins

tada! looks not so nice but taste ok ;)

a closer look
shared some of the cakes with friends and colleagues. hehe. my favourite guinea pigs :p


  1. It's yummy! Since you have a microwave at home now, so when is the next wave for more cakes & cookies?

  2. yvonne, thanks~
    hmm, my next plan is pudding bread and cheesecake ;))

  3. Nice Mei!, I'm please to be one of ur guinea pig...

  4. Yummy~! It looks very tempting... Thanks for including the recipe. I'll sure give it a try (^^,)

  5. angeline, hehe thanks ;)

    waileng, no worries! do blog about it when you're done!! good luck!

  6. wow~look so good leh~I WANT!!! ;p

  7. evelyn, hehe. no problem. let me think how to send to you.. ;)

  8. This marble butter cake is very delicous. A good attempt.


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