Thursday, September 17, 2009

A message for you..

This post is specially dedicated to a friend of mine
*i hope YOU read this*

Please stop ruining yourself. you are not going to turn back the times no matter what you do now. stop doing stupid things that will hurt yourself, and also your family and your closest friends. we only live ONCE, and you are still young!! why did you need to worry and feels that there's no tomorrow for you? i'm sure everything has its solution, just a matter of you want to do it or not. of cause everyone makes mistakes. but most importantly, we know how to learn from the mistakes, and never repeat that again.

please stop looking back and move forward. life goes on no matter what happen. remember, everything you do affects your loved ones. you know you have your family here, and us as your sisters/good friends. so, please treat yourself better. forget the past and move on, ok!


  1. 也为他/她加油打气...

  2. evelyn, thank you!!
    by the way, its a 'she'. hehe.


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