Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My cubicle

I was bored during lunch time today. so, snapped some photos to share.

lunch box made by Yvonne. she always cooked macaroni for us. Yan also will buy fruits or share her cooking with us. sometimes Lorita will also treat us some food. all in all, everyone here love sharing! ;) so nice to be surrounded with friendly colleagues.

this is the one thing i stare at every working day
calendar, telephone, phone directory and toilet paper lol

keychains corner of mine. so far, i have gathered souvenir keychains from HK, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Langkawi, Australia, Redang, China and Hatyai ;)


  1. angeline, yea, feeling xin fu surrounded by some nice colleagues, not forgetting you too!;)

  2. 好羡慕你哦~要好好珍惜哦...
    by the way, what u working as?

  3. Evelyn, thank you!!
    i'm working as a IT programmer lo...


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