Friday, September 11, 2009

Online purchased

Online boutiques are a hit ever since few years ago. its hassle free as we just have to sit there, browsing and choosing the things we like, pay them and wait for them to be delivered. but surely there and pros and cons of shopping online.

to me, the pros are:
-saves time and energy

the cons:
-we might not receive the same thing as seen in the websites
-we cant touch and feel the quality of the material/clothes

hmm.. so is it safe to shop online? i think its up to how you see it. but one thing for sure is to ask for detailed infor about the clothes and make sure the payment is transfered successfully.

white dress from too

green satin dress from

this is my favourite so far, checkered sleeveless from

and this is the latest love i owned, black long cardi from


  1. hi..i never shop online before..

  2. wenn, hi, thanks for dropping by~
    well, may be you can try!

  3. Its true Hayley!! there's pros and cons...The owner of the Buying/ Selling Online must have Business Ethics.

  4. Angeline, hmm.. i think you must have it lo.. ;)

  5. I love browsing tru e-boutiques and sometimes are tempted to buying the clothes.
    My concerns are as you mentioned, so up to now i yet have the courage to buy online.

  6. yvonne, yalo, must think twice before buying.
    but sometimes, i cant resist from temptations le.. :( but luckily, the clothes that i bought so far are all fine.

  7. O.o
    seeing that you have successfully bought some clothes from those e-boutiques, I really am tempted too. But unfortunately, I'm currently out of budget... (T_T)

  8. wai leng, well, may be next time lo.. save money for your wedding preparation now ^__^

  9. i like it too. next time order join me together too ler~~


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