Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sky bar

First sky bar at Taiping.
call me jakun, i've been wanting to go there since few weeks ago. so coincidentally that Cindy and AS were at Taiping last weekend, so i suggested to go there! haha, wish came true!
only a few photos here and you can view the rest in my FB.

l-r: me, Cindy, Khim, AS, Crystal and Tingki.

most of the photos were taken by WN. he is a great photographer in our gang lol. but blame it to my camera, i know the quality werent that good. what to do? i cant afford to buy a DSLR camera :S
overall, the atmosphere up there is really nice. cold breezy air, a great view on lake garden, and lightning of the houses around the neighbourhood. however, their services are quite slow. perhaps its still new and they are lack of experiences. to me, i would suggest them to add more variety of drinks and snacks. and please dont switch on channel ESPN on their plasma TV screen....


  1. sky bar at lake garden?!hmmm.. the new hotel?!

  2. evelyn, hmm.. many local people dont know about it. haha. yep, its the new Flemington Hotel.


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