Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend with the lurves

Back to work after the long weekend! *yawn*
happy time always flies.. feeling so reluctant wanna work this morning :(

anyway, i was able to meet up with the girls last weekend.
l-r: Samantha, Tingki, me and Crystal

we were at this new cafe called La Promise cafe (ex Piano cafe). their service is pretty good, food taste is ok but less choice. but they have a variety of healthy drinks!

Sundae steamboat! almost similiar to Haagen Dazs.. its quite worth at the price RM 19.90. shared among 6 of us. its fattening to be eaten as supper, but its so hard for me to say NO to ice cream!

ice cream balls. yummy yummy!

ice cream time!

with Esther who joined very late that night :/

haha, syok sendiri before removing all the make up ;)


  1. wow~the ice-cream ball so yummy wor~next round back taiping must go to try d~

  2. evelyn, yea yea!! the cafe's feel also not bad.. at least a new place to try at Tpg.. ;))

  3. The ice cream balls look so yummy, at the same time look fattening too. Thanks for sharing the pics here, at least it can allow me to eat it mentally.

  4. yan, hehe.. its really fattening, we somemore ate it as supper @__@
    must kut lat exercise liao.


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