Monday, September 14, 2009

Where got ghost?

A typical Sg comedy. yet scary at a few scenes.. i did got shocked a few times! :S
the show is divided into 3 stories. there's a moral/massage at the end of every story.. quite recommended if you want a good laugh! :D

rating: 3/5


  1. I love Singapore dramas, and movies...I think this should be a nice one too. Hope i can get to watch it too.

  2. Erny, ya, it contains funny and scary parts too. so, quite challenging.. hehe.

  3. i havent watch it.
    bcoz lots ppl say tis movie jz so so only...
    how ur recommend ?

  4. sherley, well, to me, its another comedy by Jack Neo and the gang lo.. not so bad la if you want to get shock and laugh at the same time.. ;)

  5. I'm waiting for clear pirated DVD. My husband doesn't like to watch S'pore comedy, so I have to get my own source.

  6. yvonne, well then be prepared lo. got a few scenes quite scary.... :p


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