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Another halloween

Happy halloween to all of you~

not going to attend any halloween party like last year.... *sob sob*

Deluxe food in big bowl (盘菜)

Visited Flemington Hotel last night together with 9 other colleagues to enjoy this so called deluxe food in big bowl ( 盘菜).
some photos before the food arrived...

all of us!

Yew, Yan, me

the ladies

angeline and me

now, the food.........
the beautiful dishes once it arrives...

the layer of prawns, brocollis and fish

海参,lotus, prawns and brocoli

the middle layer..


the last layer which consists of chicken , 冬粉, quil eggs and pork

must finish EVERYTHING including the gravy ;)

dessert for us, chilled honeydew sago. yummy~

total billto me, its a worth try as i have not try it before... life's short so we have to enjoy every moment now! :D

It's getting closer...

I think i have lost the passion to blog properly... i know i dint post a proper blog for the past one week. life is abit boring lately. been stuck at works whole day... =__=

went to Penang last weekend for my bridal gowns trying. i've tried on about 15 pair of gowns and chosed 7 of them for my bridal photography which has been postpone to December and 2.5k was gone due to gowns upgrading =__="" i seriously think bridal industry has a bright future. imagine a pair of so-called brand new arrival/design gown charges you about RM 800. and if you want to wear it during your actual wedding night, the price to pay is RM 2500! what the.....
it was a heartache, but EK said its a once-a-life-time thingy so its worth to invest on it. i even saw a few really nice gowns there but i couldnt wear them :( blame it to my beautiful body line. hahaha. what to do? i'm originally heavy bottom.

anyway, it took us 3 hours++ to finish trying the gowns and some further discussions. thanks to Cr…


Hakka dish - 'lei cha fan'
Physical value: Enhance slimming & body detoxification. (wow!)
Pharmacological value: Fatigue prevention, vitality promotion, physical improvement, improves body functions, ease digestion, ease chronic bronchitis, prevent hypertension & hardening of arteries, effective for chronic rheumatic and arthritic, inhibiting cancer cell growth, helps treat diabetes, enhance relaxation & improves good sleep. (i'm impressed! of course, it's a long term effects la, dont expect you can achieve all these with one meal...)

*source from here*

its a very healthy hakka dish, very filling somemore ;)

try it at 太平初记小贩中心 (the old 太湖) at RM3 per set

oo by the way, it's closed on Fridays.

8 Powerful Ways to Release Pressure from Your Life

1. Don’t listen too much to others.
Or worry about what they might think. Or getting their validation. If you use too much time and energy to focus on these three things you may be heading down a pretty harmful road. An important part of this is to not to see yourself through the eyes of others. Doing that can build a self-image and expectations that become very hard to live up to. It can make you end up filled up with negative feelings and that won’t help anyone.

(yea, believe in yourself, believe in whatever you're doing)

2. Forget about perfectionism
Perfectionism is pretty pointless. It's just you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself and thereby reducing your ability to do excellent work. Take a look at the next point to find a better replacement for perfectionism.

(i STRONGLY agree on this. nobody is perfect! i always keep this in mind)
p/s: i would like to dedicate this point to that someone

3. Focus on the process, not on the outcome.
Detaching from the possible outcomes an…


昨晚,Kampung Boyan 有九皇爷游行。kiasu的我们,七早八早就在Prima cafe 边吃边等着看游行。但是东西也吃完了,游行都还没到叻。。最后,游行终于走到Prima cafe 这里了,那时已经是9.30pm了。很多妹妹和aunty都有丢糖果,面包给我。哈哈,不错吧?都那么老了,还有得拿糖果。。:p




相片不是很美啦,因为是用手机拍的。。别见怪哦。。 游行在十点左右就完了,而我们也各自回家睡觉咯。。 p/s: 第一次读我的华文部落,是不是很不惯呢?;)

Lose weight while you work

Not sure if any of you see this at Yahoo front page yesterday. i was attracted by the title ;)

here goes how:

1. Just add water

Keeping H20 at the ready will give you something to put in your mouth besides sweets from your neighbor's candy bowl. And when you're hydrated, science has found your body does everything more efficiently—including burning calories. Fill a reusable water bottle with ice water before you leave home, and refill it throughout the day
(as for me, i'm using a one liter water bottle and sometimes will refill it. but to me, i prefer warm water than cold one)

2. Set an exercise meeting

Protect your exercise time by putting sweat sessions in your calendar just as you would meetings with your most important client. When the day gets busy or you're tempted to surf gossip sites on your lunch hour rather than take to the treadmill, seeing your commitment in print will motivate you to get to the gym.
(well, i cant slip out to workout during working hours, but i at…

The ugly truth

I know, this is an outdated movie. i just bought the clear version of DVD and watched it few weeks back.
its a typical love comedy. Abby(Katherine Heigl) is a morning show producer and Mike(Gerard Butler) happens to be a love guru/host for the TV show called The Ugly Truth. they started knowing each other with hatred. Mike then taught Abby on how to win her neighbour Colin's heart. and when Abby is dating Colin, she realised she has fallen in love with Mike too. the ending?? of course both Abby and Mike are in love. otherwise, i wont say its a typical love comedy ;)
rating: 4/5

Egg flower water chestnut soup


7 cups water
1 bundle of pandan leaves
150gm rock sugar
100g ginkgo nuts
200g of water chestnut (chopped into cube-size)
pinch of salt to taste (optional)
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
4 tbsp water chestnut powder mixed with 8 tbsp of water

first put in pandan leaves and boil it with water and rock sugar.
at the mean time, peel and chop the water chestnuts into cube size

when the rock sugar is fully dissolved, add in the water chestnut and bring to boil. next, add in ginkgo nuts

add water chestnut powder mixture and stir on medium heat until it thickens

keep stiring clock wise. add in eggs while the soup is still moving. heat off.

tada! i love eggs so i use 2 eggs. if you're not an egg lover, then 1 is enough

Mid autumn festival 2009

*this is a back dated post*
If you remember, it was raining during the actual mid autumn day. it totally spoilt our plan =__=
we actually planned to celebrate Crystal's birthday at lake garden while everyone can play lanterns and candles there too...
end up, we celebrated it at prima cafe.

nonetheless, we went there around 11pm, it was still drizzling then. but it dint stop us from having fun ;)

crazy gang, they brought along the whole ice box there...

busy playing around with candles...

me, Tingki, Crystal

us again...

EK and i

posing with Uniasia umbrella haha.

What goes around comes around

Another Friday!! did i tell you how fast time flies? =__=many friends asked me what happened with regards to my FB's status yesterday. i think most of them could guess who am i refering to.... but just when i started to cool down, another unhappy incident happened... sigh...anyway, another long weekend is coming!! i remember we had BBQ session last year upon celebrating Devali :p but not sure about this year. anyway, i wanna wish everyone who celebrates Deepavali, a happy Deepavali! ;)

Short gathering + japanese cotton cakes

My former Form 6 class mate, Yee Hooi, came visiting us on Sunday. she's originally from Selama, a small town in Perak, and is currently working at Penang.

told you i dont like make up lately. haha. we had alot of memories back in Form 6 time. group revisions, lunch dates(Lao Di Fang's ham porridge and french fries were our favourite!) , home cooked together (ABC soup and ice cream), and other happy and unhappy memories. we miss you dearly girl! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- back home, i made japanese cotton cakes, which turned out to be totally different from the original recipe i referred :S Ingredients: 60g butter, melted 80g plain flour 80ml evaporated milk (i use fresh milk) 1 egg 5 egg yolks 5 egg whites 120g sugar pinch of salt
start by melting the butter, then add in the flour and blend well. then add in milk and keep blending. followed by adding the 1 egg and the 5 egg yolks.

in a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until they becom…

Easy home made mango ice cream

Must emphasize the word easy ;)


2-3 mangoes
50ml condensed milk (i use Teapot brand)
50ml whipping cream (i use dairy cream)

Cut mangoes(preferably full riped) into cubed size. blend them until they become pureed.

add in condensed milk and whipping cream and keep blending. pour them into moulds/containers and keep in freezer for at least 1 hour before serving. super easy right?

tada!! slurppp~


The story tells about the high end technology in the near future. everybody has their own surrogates while the real self can be stayed at home, controlling and watching every movements and actions by their own surrogates. agent Tom Greer (Bruce Willis) takes the mission to stop the operation on destroying every surrogates.

its amazing to see what graphics and computers can do these days. however, the story is abit dull in the beginning. the climax is almost towards the end of the movie..

rating: 3.5/5

full synopsis here.

Burfday 2009

So my birthday's over. like i expected, no surprise whatsoever from EK :/ we just had a simple dinner at Flemington Hotel last night (i'm not disappointed, as i know him too well, haha)but anyway, he still owes me a birthday gift :p

the day before, colleagues celebrated my birthday with me at La Promise Cafe. after that, i went to Just K to meet up with the gang for a 2-hour K session.

Annie and me, and Tony at the back
no more photos. everyone were busy singing....

Dinner @ Flemington Hotel ME! i know i look pale. its weird, i have lost the enthusiasm to make up lately. i feel very lazy. i think AGE is the reason why..... :/

i ordered Fish n Chip

EK ordered Flemington fried rice

dessert for us, banana boat sundae. i know what you're thinking... come on! its my birthday! its only once a year. its ok for me to indulge in good and fattening food *self convinced* a friend's philosophy, eat first, think later. lol.. anyway, diet will resumes today (i hope :p)

one more picture …