Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy birthday to me!

Another birthday celebration! :D this time around, colleagues treated me with a fine dinner and cake at La Promise Cafe.
letmi tell you something about this cafe. its quite new in town, the ambience is good, food is nice, and the best part of all, the waiters and waitresses are very friendly!
i had mentioned about the cafe here too.

with Angeline and her son, Calvin

all of us!

yummy cake!


a year older :/ time really flies! but anyway, i keep reminding myself, 25 is just a number....
once again, thanks alot to Lorita, Yan, Yvonne, Angeline, Celine and Yew for the lovely celebration! not forgetting their daughters/son too! THANK YOU!!

*more photos here*


  1. Happy Birthday Hayley!

    By the way, why is there only 6 candles on the cake??

  2. Wai leng, thank you!!
    but i also dont know why... :/

  3. LOL... u always wear the same clothes.. looks like u love that top very much :P

  4. ivy, where got always... hehe.. bo lui lang ma, so ma always wear same clothes lo... :p


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