Friday, October 9, 2009

Burfday 2009

So my birthday's over. like i expected, no surprise whatsoever from EK :/ we just had a simple dinner at Flemington Hotel last night (i'm not disappointed, as i know him too well, haha)but anyway, he still owes me a birthday gift :p

the day before, colleagues celebrated my birthday with me at La Promise Cafe. after that, i went to Just K to meet up with the gang for a 2-hour K session.

Annie and me, and Tony at the back

no more photos. everyone were busy singing....

Dinner @ Flemington Hotel
ME! i know i look pale. its weird, i have lost the enthusiasm to make up lately. i feel very lazy. i think AGE is the reason why..... :/

i ordered Fish n Chip

EK ordered Flemington fried rice

dessert for us, banana boat sundae. i know what you're thinking... come on! its my birthday! its only once a year. its ok for me to indulge in good and fattening food *self convinced* a friend's philosophy, eat first, think later. lol.. anyway, diet will resumes today (i hope :p)

one more picture to share. black pepper sirloin steak. EK had this during our last visit there.

US! thats all for the birthday celebration this year! once again, thanks everyone for your birthday wishes, gifts and celebration! mwahhhh <3


  1. wow~however look like u still very enjoyed ur big day~the foods served look so yummy...NOV back i must go to try~Happy Birthday once again~

  2. evelyn, yeah, their food is ok. but service is abit slow :/
    thank u once again! muackss!

  3. The fried rice is really tempting, for you to know i'm always a rice barrel.

  4. yvonne, yea, i curi abit of the rice, tasted nice! can try the next time u go...

  5. Hayley, you look good even without make up. Sometimes, it is good to let the skin breath too.

  6. Yan, haha thanks *shy*
    ya, natural ma ho? hehe..

  7. ivy, yeee... you're not going holiday meh??

  8. Haley,

    Not using make-up as often because of your age! 25 years young now.

    My wife is exactly twice your age, and she takes a little more time with make-up and her hair than she did when we were married 20 years ago.

    Trust me, 25 is your graduation year into the adult world.

    The behaviors and likes, (not to mention life experiences) are much different than you had as a 15 year old girl.

    BTW, some people would consider more appropriate to call you a young women, as you are no longer near your teen years.

    Best wishes for many more happy years!


  9. Thanks for dropping by David.
    will keep in mind your friendly reminder. ;))
    have a nice day!


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