Friday, October 30, 2009

Deluxe food in big bowl (盘菜)

Visited Flemington Hotel last night together with 9 other colleagues to enjoy this so called deluxe food in big bowl ( 盘菜).
some photos before the food arrived...

all of us!

Yew, Yan, me

the ladies

angeline and me

now, the food.........
the beautiful dishes once it arrives...

the layer of prawns, brocollis and fish

海参,lotus, prawns and brocoli

the middle layer..


the last layer which consists of chicken , 冬粉, quil eggs and pork

must finish EVERYTHING including the gravy ;)

dessert for us, chilled honeydew sago. yummy~

total bill

to me, its a worth try as i have not try it before... life's short so we have to enjoy every moment now! :D


  1. Ya ya.. life is short.. so long you feel is worth it then ok d :)

  2. ivy, ya lo.. so enjoy while we can~

  3. So mei can u made the booking that day?

  4. What?? The bill is insane man!!
    Lolz...I guess one day, I should go try something expensive too....then only worth me living..haha

  5. Angeline, one day earlier~ ;)

    Erny, haha. i also dint know how is it until i try!


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