Monday, October 5, 2009

Early birthday celebration

I know. its 4 days advance to my actual birthday. haha. but since Samantha and Esther were here, so both Crystal and I celebrated our birthday together.
since last year, i get a chance to have pre birthday celebration! so nice eh? and guess what? we celebrated our birthdays at the same place as last year. lol.

l-r: Me, Crystal, Samantha

with Annie @ Tingki along

with Esther

pretty cake from Annie! thanks!


gurls! the other cake is from Cheery

Crystal and the cakes

me with the cakes

make a wish!

my first birthday present from Esther. thanks love! it comes just in time! i heart it alot!

more photos at my FB.

planned to go lake garden for the most happening event that night. but, it was raining cats and dogs! >=(

mood was gone totally!

however, we dropped by there too late that night. it was still drizzling but it dint stop us from enjoying. will blog about it once i got the photos from them! ;)


  1. lol..penang also can't really celebrate the lantern festival..

  2. ivy, ya lo. need to wait until next year already.. :/


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