Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's getting closer...

I think i have lost the passion to blog properly... i know i dint post a proper blog for the past one week. life is abit boring lately. been stuck at works whole day... =__=

went to Penang last weekend for my bridal gowns trying. i've tried on about 15 pair of gowns and chosed 7 of them for my bridal photography which has been postpone to December and 2.5k was gone due to gowns upgrading =__="" i seriously think bridal industry has a bright future. imagine a pair of so-called brand new arrival/design gown charges you about RM 800. and if you want to wear it during your actual wedding night, the price to pay is RM 2500! what the.....
it was a heartache, but EK said its a once-a-life-time thingy so its worth to invest on it. i even saw a few really nice gowns there but i couldnt wear them :( blame it to my beautiful body line. hahaha. what to do? i'm originally heavy bottom.

anyway, it took us 3 hours++ to finish trying the gowns and some further discussions. thanks to Crystal and EK who were willing to accompany me throughout the whole session.
(no camera is allowed, that explain why no photos were taken)

1.5 months to go before the actual bridal shooting. guess i'll need to put more effort in my weekly workout ;)


  1. OMG~! 2.5K just for gown upgrading?? No discounts ar? You should have told them you are a blogger. And you need photos to show your readers. Say you help them do free advertising ma~! (^_^)

  2. Hello there!

    Got here from Ming's blog..

    So nice, you get to do bridal photoshoot!
    Will be waiting to see the outcome!

    All the best!

  3. LOL... wait till u got ur photos.. there will have more upgrades... cuz if all the photo shoots are nice then you will want to buy most of it... haha... that time u more headache...

    1.5 mths till photo shoot.. best and easiest way to slim down? >> go slimming centre :P

    btw, you go to which bridal studio in PG?

  4. wai leng, yala.. so untung ho? haha, we did bargain with them la, original pricing was 2.8k. 2.5k is the best they can give..

    michelle, hello! thanks for dropping by~ i'm waiting too ;)

    ivy, yea of course i know that will happen. thats why we chosed the cheaper package ;)

  5. by the way Ivy, i went France Taipei

  6. wah... so expensive.. no wonder everyone was telling me even sign for cheapest package also no use, cos in the end it'll still total up to a huge amount.. cant wait to see your pics! ;)

  7. Honestly hor~~ between paying 2.5K to wear a new arrival/designer gown on actual day and buying one, might as well go buy a new gown. You saw Kim Ong's wedding? I love her fish tail wedding dress - it is beautiful.

  8. EK was right,its a once a life time so everything were worth~cant await to see ur wedding pics~count down count down~;p

  9. cryst, yea.. and the saying 'bo lui mai kahwin' is so true!T___T

    wai leng, ya i saw hers. but i personally dont really like that style~

    evelyn, i also cant wait.. but, 1.5 months to go~ be patient ya :p

  10. Ooo.. France Taipei is consider cheap d lor.. all rich ppl go thr tk d wedding pictures ei.. hehe... so long you happy and d pictures come out are nice can d :)


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