Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mid autumn festival 2009

*this is a back dated post*
If you remember, it was raining during the actual mid autumn day. it totally spoilt our plan =__=
we actually planned to celebrate Crystal's birthday at lake garden while everyone can play lanterns and candles there too...
end up, we celebrated it at prima cafe.

nonetheless, we went there around 11pm, it was still drizzling then. but it dint stop us from having fun ;)

crazy gang, they brought along the whole ice box there...

busy playing around with candles...

me, Tingki, Crystal

us again...

EK and i

posing with Uniasia umbrella haha.


  1. I miss the mooncakes back in Malaysia!!

  2. erny, well, make sure u can be here next year! ;)


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