Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Perfect Getaway

EK was supposed to bring me to this show last Sunday. but due to certain reasons, its been postpone until yesterday.

i counted the people in the theater and it was 24 before the show started. after 15 minutes the show started, 4 more malay guys walked in and sat in the front seats. i looked around carefully to see if anyone were suspicious....why am i counting the number of people?? i was terrified by Yvonne's story during lunch time yesterday. she said there was a robbery case INSIDE the cinema during the past week =_= i know all sorts of thing can happen these days, just that i never thought it will happen here in Tpg's cinema..
i was sitting just next to the entrance. of cause i am scared! yea, i'm that chicken. who knows whats going to happen right?! but thank God! we managed to finish the show safely.

ok back to the story. the story tells about 3 couples going on vacation at Hawaii. soon Nick(Steve Zahn) and Cydney(Milla Jovovich) realised about the murder case happened not long ago. in the midst of enjoying the vacation, everyone is guessing who's the real murderer behind... guess who's the real murderer?

i would say i'm quite disappointed with it. i actually looking forward to this show ever since i watched the trailer. plus, i like Milla Jovovich, i thought this is going to be like what she had acted in Resident Evil. the show is quite boring in the beginning, alot of talking. and the story line is quite blurred. EK even felt asleep for a few minutes haha..

rating: 2.5/5

synopsis here.


  1. That boring ah! I thought it would be an exciting movie.

  2. Yan, yalo, i also expected like that. the kan cheong part is only towards the end of the show :/

  3. huh?!boring show huh?!we thinking go to watch this weekend leh...+.+
    like that buy dvd watch enuf d... ;p

  4. evelyn, to me its not as good as expected.. but may be to you, its different leh? hehe.

  5. har? I thought it is nice? Hmm... I'm going to watch this Sunday ler..

  6. ivy, to me its abit boring la, cause alot of talking. and cut alot of parts which made me blur. may be its nice to you leh..


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