Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Please, respect your partner

I just dont understand. Why some girls can stand having their husband/bf taking intimate photos with another girl? are they really that generous? or did they argue about it when they got home?

call me old thinking, but i cant accept if some girls offer to take photos with my husband, just because she wants to flirt around. and i dont mean his sister, mother, aunties, cousins/relatives. even if he's her best male friend, there are boundaries they shouldnt cross. especially now that he's married.

i know some girls just wont care, even if the guy's gf/wife is around watching them. and worst, even that girl also have a bf. its just that her bf isnt around that time.

few years back, when i started the relationship with EK, we celebrated his birthday at a pub, together with his other friends. while we finished singing birthday song to him, a girl(working in that pub, who also happened to his friend) came and kissed him on his cheek. now, guess how did i felt??

of course i was MAD!! there is no way i can tolerant such thing! taking intimate photos with him is already way too much for me, dont say about kissing on his cheek ok!
back to the story, i was mad until i nearly walked off that pub. but may be i was still young that time, jealousy wasnt that serious yet. i stayed, but refused to talk to him(even it was his big day). in the end, explanation came, telling me that this girl, dint know that i was his gf back then. and she sees him as his 'brother' only. that kiss dint mean anything and she apologized. sincere or not, i dont know.
but this was a past tense, i probably wont mind about it already.

so you might be asking, did some girls take intimate photos with EK? why did i blog about this? well, no girl step on my tail yet, not at this moment. probably because i am garang enough? :p or may be my girl friends know about my character already. i blog about this because of a live show i had witnessed lately. i just felt sorry for both of their partners....


  1. I CAN NEVER NEVER NEVER tolerate frens said i look young but i'm old-fashioned. call me old-fashioned or whatever, but i can never tolerate this. after reading your post, i felt so angry i dunno why.. LOL..

  2. Cryst, luckily i have you! some of my girl friends wont mind having this kinda situation, i think they are weird! but luckily you agree with me! ;)

  3. Hey gurls, one word for those people are BITCHES!! I been thru those... even worst.!! I saw the pictures the 'guy' is layaning back... Get wat i mean?
    This situation is also depends on the bf also.. If they layan, surely the B*tches will do again.. Luckily, ur man is good enough to explain... Some ppl dont explain and shoot u back by saying "take photo only wert.. no big deal".....
    LOL~~ I felt so fcking pist off man!! hahahahah...
    Think back makes my mood HOT!! :P

  4. 我绝对不能接受,也不可能让别的女人靠过来...因为我是醋瓶子而且我也很凶~有时侯就是不理解那些女生,明明知道名草有主,干嘛还要来搞破坏(或许她们心理不平衡吧)!对于面对这些女生,只能希望自己的名草可以挣气点,别受影响咯!!!

  5. Nawihs, of course guys need to be alert and 'seng mok' too. but most scenes i saw, the girls offer first, which really irritates me! i just dont understand why those girls wanna make themselves so cheappp?!

    Evelyn, 对啊,有些女生就是要发娇。很多时候我真的看不顺眼咯,想要一巴掌打过去!:p
    也很佩服那些女生,可以任耐这种情形 >=(

  6. Apa live show? URL? :P

    lol...girl hiao oni gt guys like ma... well...just what I think la...cuz I came across a girl lately.. she super hiao d bf very guai guai ei... so.. my conclusion on her bf is tat she hiao enough thats y he like :P


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