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Sneak preview

Finally, after months of renovation....

the fan, the TV rack
desktop table and books cabinet

random display rack

our matress will be place here


closet for hanging our clothes

overview of the open-concept closet.

last but not least, bathroom ;)

Ninja Assassin

Starring Rain(Ji Hoon Jung), Naomie Harris

Trained since childhood to be a lethal killer, Raizo(Rain) has since turned his back on the Ozunu clan that raised him and now seeks revenge for their heartless murders. Teaming up with Europol investigator Mika(Naomie Harris) , Raizo steadily butchers his enemies while inching ever closer to the long-awaited bloody reunion with his former master.
*taken from here*

To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of Rain, but i do enjoy watching his show. my first korean drama was 'Full House' 浪漫满屋 (starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo) and since then, i started to like Rain's show. he's good in this movie, i mean his muscular body.. haha. but then he looks bad in that hairstyle =__=

one thing i dont like about the show is Mika. why did the director chosed her? she doesnt really match with Rain lo. sorry but no offend to anyone ok. i just feel that some other actress can do a better job.

rating: 4/5

Yokoso Japan Day One

Finally, i have the time to edit and blog about the trip.

we took SIA flight from KLIA to Sg at 9.45pm on the 16th Nov, transitted from Sg to Fukuoka at 1.05am. reached Fukuoka early in the morning and proceed to breakfast at a restaurant name Fugetsu at the airport.
we ordered duck ramen to share as i wasnt very hungry.
random photos taken at the airport.

the 1st destination was Nagasaki atomic bomb museum. its a museum that gathers all information and photos regarding the bomb incident around Japan during the past.

us outside the museum. autumn leaves are everywhere, they are so pretty! next, lunch at a restaurant nearby. i wasnt even hungry yet =___= big portion of the lunch which consist of rice, noodles, pancakes, pudding jelly and side dishes.... i wonder how can Japanese people stay so slim while they are having big portion of meal everyday?? after lunch, tour guide brought us to a place with the statue of peaceful. lots of school kids, they were there for class yearly photography.…

Happy marriage

Before i went to Japan, i attended Nickson's wedding ceremony. only able to take photos during the morning time. let the photos do the talking...

his dog, Hanson, i think. very cute and obedient.

the wedding car

the main character and his best man, also his brother

not easy to let the bride come out from her room. so, all sorts of games prepared for him and his brothers... hehe. this is ice blended bittergourds, tomatoes, lemons and etc etc...

haha, ate until he cried... its some nyonya kuih with sizzling wasabi on top

sucking Coke with a few meters long straw...

and finally....
the pretty bride and she's younger than me ;)

secocok right? ;)


now the bride's turn

Love is in the air

Watched these 2 movies on the plane back Malaysia.

(500) days of Summer
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel

i simply love this movie. its very romantic. it talks about the wonders of love at first sight. Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is in love the moment he saw Summer (Zooey Deschanel). they got together eventually but Summer clarifies that she wants nothing serious in the relationship, even though Tom is so much in love with her. they go through romantic times, they do what couples do. until one day, Summer asked for a break up out of a sudden and that hurts Tom alot. he tries to win her heart back but unfortunately, Summer marries someone else in the end...
Tom learnt a lesson from this incident, and beliefs that he will meet someone else in the future, which in the end, he did.

rating: 4/5

more infor here

The Time Traveler's Wife
Starring Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana The beginning of the show is abit confusing to me. however, i like it as its a touching movie. Synopsis: Clare has…


I'm back!!

the trip was AWESOME! its quite cold when we were there, averagely about 13 Celsius. we went to Mount Aso which is still an active volcano in Japan, and it was zero Celsius up there!! freezingly cold!! i will blog about them soon so please stay tune ok! also i have tones of beautiful photos to be uploaded too. i wont let you wait for long i promise!

things there are quite expensive as expected. we have spent about 110,000 Yen, purely just on buying snacks, souvenirs and some clothing and bag. but if you are a rich girl, Japan is really a shopping heaven as it gathers probably the world most trendy fashion ever! i heart their clothes and shoes!! but they are so expensive which to me, not very worthy investing on them =__=

lots of things at work to settle after the long holiday, so, gotto go now...

24 hours...

.... is the time left to the most anticipating trip of this year!! :D

I hope internet is available there so that i can update some photos from time to time ;)

stay tune for my updates on the trip ok! i shall be back on 23/11/2009.

til then, see you! have a nice day ahead!

One of the BEST movie

image source the cinema was full last night. luckily i managed to buy the tickets in advance, got middle rows which is just nice for us!
to me, this is one of the must-watch movie of the year. the story line and all the computer graphics are just perfect. the movie lasts for 160 minutes but surprisingly, i dint feel that, i was too enjoy until i dint realised about the duration.
this is a movie incorporated with a few morals. its not really about the end of the world as in the end, many people still survives. but in the midst of escaping from the great disasters, some people betray their loved ones and do anything just to protect themselves. also, in times like this, this is when true love reveal within family and friends.. tears were in my eyes when i watched the part when Adrian Helmsley called up his dad telling him the truth, and his dad cried and conveying his love towards his son. its really touching :'(
i'm definetely gonna rate this movie 5 stars!

It's time!

The most anticipating movie(after Transformer II) has finally arrived!! :D
will be watching this show tonight with friends... i've heard so many positive comments about this movie. it make me even more looking forward to it!

and by the way, enjoy your weekend!

Almond butter cake

250g butter
200g low gluten flour/super fine flour
200g caster sugar
5 eggs
1/2 tbsp baking powder
50g custard powder
50g almond chips
4 tbsp milk

1. As usual, start by beating the butter. Add in caster sugar and continue to blend them well.
2. Add in eggs one by one until everything is well incorporated.
3. Next, put in baking powder and low gluten flour.
4. Continue with custard powder, follow by milk.
5. Lastly, put in the almond chips and mix everything.
6. Pour the mixture onto the pan and bake it at about 170C for about 45 mins.

8 perfect stay young foods

1. Eggs
Benefit: weight loss
When it comes to breakfast, you can’t beat eggs. (That was too easy, wasn’t it?) Seriously, at a cost of only 72 calories, each large egg holds 6.3 grams of high-quality protein and a powerhouse load of vital nutrients.
(Great! i like eggs actually. and it serve as a good DIY facial mask too!)2. Green tea
Benefit: longer life span
Literally hundreds of studies have been carried out documenting the health benefits of catechins, the group of antioxidants concentrated in the leaves of tea plants. (green tea is my favourite. now that i know beside banish excess fats in my body, green tea is good in keeping our life span longer!)
3. Garlic
Benefit: Cardiovascular strengthening
Allicin, an antibacterial and antifungal compound, is the steam engine pushing forward garlic’s myriad health benefits. The chemical is produced by the garlic plant as a defense against pests, but inside your body, it fights cancer, strengthens your cardiovascular system, decreases fat storage, a…

Cycles of life

Another friend is getting registered this Saturday!! congrats AiSuan! though i cant witness your special moment, you both have my best wishes k! ^__^

after i received her sms last night, i start to think about who else in my gang who is not married yet. hmm, almost half of the gang were married, including myself. frankly, only one thought comes to mind when we receive such happy news - 'we're getting older'. and i dont mean MBA (married by accident) la.. if you know what i mean..

its like, when life comes to a certain stage, all you want is to settle down with your loved one and start planning to build a happy family. those days when you were rushing assignments, sitting for exams, partying/clubbing the whole night with friends etc etc, are no longer attractive. of course, life still goes on and we still need to enjoy ourselves, its just that we change the way of enjoying things already. to me, i'd prefer to take things slow and yum char at peaceful cafes like Starbucks,…

Ugly face

Damn, i had a few unpleasant red spots on my forehead now!!
they aint big. but very noticeable and irritating! its the aftermath of the facial i had last weekend. i used to have confident in this beautician's skill, but not sure what happen, she did my facial quite badly! its more painful also compared to previous times :( i'm so worried now what am i gonna do?! can i get rid of those spots? are they going to turn into a scar?? then they'll sit forever on my forehead!! NOOOOOO...... :0

there's a friend's wedding this weekend. and there's only 1 week left to my Japan trip! how leh.... T__________T

Something about dreams...

Let's talk about dream today. I personally feel that dream is something so hard to explain. it can be funny, sweet, lovely, weird and scary.
i always dream about something/somewhere all the time. i dont know is it normal? i mean, whenever i wake up from a dream, my mind goes very tired and restless the whole day and i will keep thinking about it, especially if i dream about someone ;)

i really wonder why do we have dream? why do i keep dreaming about the same thing? does it represent something in our real life? does it mean anything? does it reflect our current life? and the list goes on...

i tried to google some information about dream but sadly, i couldnt find anything relevant. perhaps i should buy some analysis books from the book store.

take this for example, the moment that thing flied towards me, it was so real! as if i could feel the whole situation happened right in front of me! i even remember so clearly that, i was screaming and yelling like mad!

and this, this is the scarie…

Holes in my pocket

Why are there so many temptations?? =__=

RM2.5k was charged to my cc last 2 weeks for the bridal photography. and another RM200++ was charged due to the products i bought from Cellnique. and for these 2 clothes, i can hear they are telling me 'buy me buy me!'....

checkered red dress from here

black high waisted dress from here

die lo, i'm damn broke now..... T____T
(but the dresses are so pretty right?) ^__^


1. I suddenly realise that life is confusing. when you dont do the things right, you'll get scolded. but when you get the things done, you'll get scolded too! sigh~ life...

2. But i know, some people is not worth to get angry at. a friend told me, there're many different types of people in the world, if we were to get mad at these people, we're messing up with ourselves. so, i know i only need some times to calm down and to release my anger, then i'll be alright. i will keep this in mind forever ;)

3. Hmm, nothing much to update anymore. am counting down to the trip! :D :D

Fattening weekend

-Made the egg flower water chestnut dessert again. this time around, the water chestnut aint that fresh anymore. i throw away alot :(
-next, chocolate chips cake. yummy~

-Went to JC's house early morning cause its his big day! too bad no photos taken as he was damn busy. witnessed how the best men played those games and it was funny! soon, its going to be Ek's turn. hahah :D
-Went for 2nd time of deluxe food in big bowl(盘菜) in the afternoon.
attended JC's wedding reception too at night.

one SS photo before the day ended ^__^

Random dozen

Found this from Wai Leng's blog.

1. Tell me something about your favorite teacher.
If i can only chose ONE, well i would said its Ms Seow who taught me Maths in Form 6. she was still single when she taught us in 2002 but not long after that i heard she's married! we're happy for her... ;) she is a very strict lady, our heart beat went crazy whenever it was time for Maths class. she would randomly picked anyone and called to the front to solve the maths question. but she's really good in teaching Maths. most of her students scored well(including me :p) she's strict in school but deep down, she's a friendly and nice lady too ;)

2. Tell me about one pivotal moment in your life.
i think its probably meeting the right one. i wasnt really into EK when i first met him, haha. but life is unpredictable, we dated and are now engaged. soon, it will be our actual wedding! another stage of life...

3. About favorite colors--a lot of people will ask you what it is, but I want to k…