Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cycles of life

Another friend is getting registered this Saturday!! congrats AiSuan! though i cant witness your special moment, you both have my best wishes k! ^__^

after i received her sms last night, i start to think about who else in my gang who is not married yet. hmm, almost half of the gang were married, including myself. frankly, only one thought comes to mind when we receive such happy news - 'we're getting older'. and i dont mean MBA (married by accident) la.. if you know what i mean..

its like, when life comes to a certain stage, all you want is to settle down with your loved one and start planning to build a happy family. those days when you were rushing assignments, sitting for exams, partying/clubbing the whole night with friends etc etc, are no longer attractive. of course, life still goes on and we still need to enjoy ourselves, its just that we change the way of enjoying things already. to me, i'd prefer to take things slow and yum char at peaceful cafes like Starbucks, rather than heading down to JR or pubs for clubbing. i'd prefer a nice cup of hot honey lemon rather than a glass of Heineken. i'd prefer heading home right after work, accompanying my parents/hubby, rather than calling up friends to party (ok la, may be once a while :p)

i dont know is it just me or most of you? but the thoughts of playing and flirting around has long gone. i'd better planning on how many kids i want in future. lol. :p


  1. Hayley, what you said sound familiar to me. You are right, everyone is going through the same cycle. Good that you are getting more and more settle down now. Enjoy your last few months of time to be your parents' accompanion, before your really move into your newly renovated room.

  2. Yan, thanks~
    i'm trying to spend more time with my family now. but no matter what, they are always the number one priority in my heart ;)

  3. Yes, family always come above everything. They are the one who will be our side no matter what happen.

  4. yvonne, yea! family is forever!


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