Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fattening weekend

-Made the egg flower water chestnut dessert again. this time around, the water chestnut aint that fresh anymore. i throw away alot :(
-next, chocolate chips cake. yummy~

-Went to JC's house early morning cause its his big day! too bad no photos taken as he was damn busy. witnessed how the best men played those games and it was funny! soon, its going to be Ek's turn. hahah :D
-Went for 2nd time of deluxe food in big bowl(盘菜) in the afternoon.
attended JC's wedding reception too at night.

one SS photo before the day ended ^__^


  1. lolz....fattening weekend??'s a blessing to be able to eat, right?? haha..enjoy!!

  2. Erny, yea.. i should be thankful as i have plenty of food to eat!! :D


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