Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy marriage

Before i went to Japan, i attended Nickson's wedding ceremony. only able to take photos during the morning time. let the photos do the talking...

his dog, Hanson, i think. very cute and obedient.

the wedding car

the main character and his best man, also his brother

not easy to let the bride come out from her room. so, all sorts of games prepared for him and his brothers... hehe. this is ice blended bittergourds, tomatoes, lemons and etc etc...

haha, ate until he cried... its some nyonya kuih with sizzling wasabi on top

sucking Coke with a few meters long straw...

and finally....
the pretty bride and she's younger than me ;)

secocok right? ;)


now the bride's turn


  1. HayLey..when will it be your turn??

  2. yan, yea she is sweet and young~

    Erny, my turn.. coming March... ;)

  3. wow~wow~finally can view some of their pics here~some more?! She is sweet & young...and you too!!! ;)

  4. evelyn, i only able to take a few photos.. hehe.. paiseh ya~


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